Illuminating Loomis

A daily examination and reproduction of the works found in Andrew Loomis’s art instruction book, “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth.”

Day Six: Various Standard of Proportion Side View

In the first chapter of the book, Loomis states that if you are an aspiring artist, it is not a very good idea to work as a helper or assistant for an already well established artist, as you will constantly be comparing your work to theirs. I cannot agree with this more. A few years ago, I worked as something of an assistant for a fine artist (non object paintings, to be exact). He did great work, and it was fun working with him at first. I feel like we each learned a few things from each other. But after a short while, I began to realize that our personalities as artists didn’t mesh as well as I had hoped. Although we worked in different medias and so I did not compare my work to his, I think that our personal differences as artists made us both a little on edge. I was growing impatient with his inefficient methods in his art production and day to day life planning (we were on a tight time-frame to get a lot of stuff done within a few weeks for an upcoming gallery). I also felt that he had a little bit of a power trip being my employer. Something I do not handle well. By the time I stopped working for him, I think there was a level of bitterness between the two of us, so much so that he didn’t even send me an invitation to his art gallery (of which I helped produce many of the pieces). Oh well, live and learn. It taught me how to better communicate with people and not to never again take on jobs of that nature. If you are an artist, I would not recommend working for another artist. I now work solely as an illustrator.

I’m, a little behind today so I only had time to do a side view of the figures from yesterday. I had hoped to also do a rear view but I’ll have to do that tomorrow. I’ve got a lot of freelance work to take care of today – character designs for a video game and some drawing tutorials for a how-to art website. But for now, here’s my sketch for the day:

01_06 pg 28 various standards of proportion side view


Boy, I have terrible handwriting…


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