Illuminating Loomis

A daily examination and reproduction of the works found in Andrew Loomis’s art instruction book, “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth.”

Day Eleven: The Flat Diagram

Page 30 was a huge pain. Using rulers for figure drawing, you say? Yup. I had learned some of these techniques back in college, and some even in high school, and they’re not very much fun. But Loomis says that these tips are very important to learn and that they will be helpful later on. It’s all about foreshortening. To be honest, Loomis does not do a great job of explaining the methods on this page, but luckily I remembered my old teachings and was able to understand what Loomis was talking about. The point of the exercise was to learn how to create a two dimensional figure on a flat plane, while ensuring that the appropriate lines recede towards the vanishing point, with the intention of later learning how to turn those figures into solid objects. I had a lot of trouble with the sitting figure, and the three dimensional figure (which ended up have very long legs). There were a couple of other figures on the page, but one was just a repeat of the previous exercise, and another was a utilization of these methods on this page for creating solid figures. Loomis states that he will, in the coming pages, better explain how to use the 2D methods to create solid figures. I am looking forward to that, so that I can understand how he did the solid figures on this page. I will perhaps go back to them after I learn these methods better.

01_11 pg 30 The Flat Diagram


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