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A daily examination and reproduction of the works found in Andrew Loomis’s art instruction book, “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth.”

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Day Forty-Seven: Arcs of Movement in Perspective Continued

2_23 Arcs of movement in perspective continued


Day Forty-Six: Arcs of Movement in Perspective

I can’t wait till the section that teaches how to draw feet. I have the worst time drawing feel when people are walking…

02_23 Arcs of Movement in Perspective

Day Forty-Five: Draw You Mannikin Figure to the Horizon

More work with adding bulk to the mannikin frame. I’m finding it more difficult for me to draw the simple “cylinder” figures than the more complex ones with basic muscle structures. It’s like the easier the look to be, the more difficult they actually are.02_22 Draw Your Mannikin Figure to the Horizon pg 45


Day Forty-Four: Adding Perspective to the Solid Mannikin


02_19 Adding perspective to the solid mannikin

Day Forty-Three: Adding Bulk to the Mannikin Continued

Some close ups of the mannikin with basic muscle structures.

2_18 Adding bulk to the frame continued

Day Forty-Two: Adding Bulk to the Frame

Here, Loomis begins to add basic muscle formations to the (male) mannikin frame. Flipping ahead, he will soon teach the placement of realistic muscles structures.

2_15 Adding bulk to the frame

Day Forty-One: Pin Up pg 154

I’ve been swamped with my freelance work all week…and still am. I sketched out this image from page 154. Afterwards, I turned the image into a Valentine’s Day card!

2_14 pin up pg 154

Day Fourty: Experimenting with the Mannikin Frame Some More


Loomis doesn’t really go into detail about it yet, but I find that the easiest place to start drawing these figures is the hips. I know that most books recommend starting with the chest, but I feel that starting with the hips results in better consistency among various figures. 2_11 experimenting with the mannikin frame pt 2 pg 41

Day Thirty-Nine: Experimenting with the Mannikin Frame


These were fun to do. Just more work with the mannikin frame, placing the figure in various positions, as seen on page 41. The third one looks like he’s singing, heh.
2_10 experimenting with the mannikin frame pg 41


Day Thirty-Eight: Details of the Mannikin Frame Continued

Close up studies of the mannikin frame.

2_09 details of the mannikin figure continued pg 40

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