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A daily examination and reproduction of the works found in Andrew Loomis’s art instruction book, “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth.”

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Day Sixty-Eight: Warm Up Sketches

09.01pg 16809.02 pg 168

Ok, so this little experiment of mine hasn’t worked out quite as I had hoped. I had intended to work on a page from Loomis’s book at least a few days per week, but ever since launching my new site (Webcomic Underdogs) my time has been very limited. I only get to work on the Loomis sketches every so often. These images here were warm up sketches I did from page 168.

For those of you who are interested in comics, please check out Webcomic Underdogs. It’s a wonderful community and it’s growing more and more each day. Stop by and say hello in the forums!


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