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A daily examination and reproduction of the works found in Andrew Loomis’s art instruction book, “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth.”

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Day Twenty-Five: Mouths and Lips Part 1

I was so glad to have an excuse to skip ahead and do some facial feature studies. This will make for an excellent step to include in the pin up tutorial I am working on for I am very much looking forward to returning to the facial feature exercises to do more work on the mouths and especially the nose. I might allow myself to skip ahead again tomorrow to do that, but we’ll see. I hate to skip ahead so much but these were very helpful sooo….1_25 pg 176 eyes and lips part 1


Day Eight: Head Study for Fun!

Today I decided to skip ahead in the book and do a head study of a female head found of page 179. I wanted to let myself have a little fun, and this image looked like a nice one to replicate. I do need more practice drawing female faces at this angle, after all. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the place I was at in Chapter One. But for now…

01_08 pg 179 head sketch

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