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A daily examination and reproduction of the works found in Andrew Loomis’s art instruction book, “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth.”

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Day Forty-Five: Draw You Mannikin Figure to the Horizon

More work with adding bulk to the mannikin frame. I’m finding it more difficult for me to draw the simple “cylinder” figures than the more complex ones with basic muscle structures. It’s like the easier the look to be, the more difficult they actually are.02_22 Draw Your Mannikin Figure to the Horizon pg 45



Day Thirty-Six: Curved Lines


The techniques Loomis uses to demonstrate how to use these mannikin frames has been more helpful to me than any other technique that I’ve ever used in the past. I’ve been using these techniques in my work recently, and it’s been very helpful. I think it’s the way Loomis does the hips with the two circles. Most other techniques use triangles or shapes that look like underwear. Starting with the two circles has been very helpful to me.

02_04 Curved Lines

Day Twenty – Seven: Various Pin Ups

I don’t have time to do a Loomis sketch today. Bummer. I have to pencil three or four comic book pages before the end of the day. So I’ll just post a few pin ups I did for the tutorial from the other day. Some of these figures were based off of Loomis sketches from the book. They were all penciled by hand, but inked and colored digitally. I strongly feel that doing the exercises from the book are greatly helping me improve my work. I’m very glad I took on this little project of mine. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to it!

How To Draw Pin Ups colored

How To Draw Pin Ups step 04

How To Draw Pin Ups step 01
How To Draw Pin Ups step 02


Day Seventeen: Proportions by Arcs and Head Units pt 2

In continuing the exercise from yesterday, Loomis demonstrates the length of limbs in different positions by using a compass. I realized while doing this one how inaccurate my compass is. It’s very old and so I’ve added it to my list of needed art supplies.

01_16 proportions by arcs and head units part 2

Day Fifteen: Portrait of Two Lovers

Unfortunately I am rather behind in my freelance work and was unable to do a sketch from the book today. I am currently working on some video game character designs and they are taking me much longer than anticipated. I hope to get back on track with figure drawing tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a wonderful painting by Loomis entitled Portrait of Two Lovers. 

Portrait of Two Lovers

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